Selling apartment in Tallinn

A sale of apartment in Tallinn is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. If you want to sell your apartment at the best value, with maximum safety and in the required time, you cannot do it without an advice of a real estate professional.

If you are interested in selling an apartment on the secondary market or in a new building, you will perform this task much quicker and cheaper with our assistance.

Our brokers, experienced and trained specialists in the field of real estate sales, will help you to understand all the issues that arise while selling residential real estate.

It is very important to set an adequate price of the sold apartment, corresponding to the market position, especially on the secondary housing market, because the underpricing will bring to the losses, and the overpricing will delay the transaction. Today, the buyer is not ready to pay a higher price for the object with the same characteristics than the competitive one, so the price criterion is the most significant for the consumers. A quality advertising campaign is of importance, because it helps to attract the attention of potential buyers who agree with the proposed price and are ready to make a purchase. Our staff is focused on drawing up informative and attractive advertising & marketing plans of real estate sale, due to which we get a huge number of our web-pages views and quickly bring up the sales process to the desired result!

Understanding the importance of these key factors and aspects in selling the residential real estate, our company pays a great attention to the evaluation and the planning of advertising campaigns.

When selling residential real estate, our work begins with a personal object inspection by a specialist. At this stage, all the pros and cons that may affect the price of the apartment are studied out, the needs of Seller are cleared up, and they are taken into account in the further work organization. After that, a comparative analysis of similar properties, sold during the last period of time and presented on the market is carried out, and, resulting from this analysis and the owner’s needs, the exact value and advertising & marketing plan are determined.

In the process of work, our employee will take care of all negotiations with potential buyers. We organize apartment showings at the appropriate time and inform you about the executed work.

You can contact our experts in a way, which is convenient for you: electronically, by phone or by any other available means.

Estate agency «Armuvara»

"Armuvara" is a progressive and steadily developing real estate agency, which, due to the modern technologies and the media, develops very quickly its production database and receives the latest information about the real estate market one among the first. We do all these things in order to satisfy the needs of OUR clients.

Our experts will help you to get oriented on the real estate market of Estonia and understand all the existing nuances.

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