Here you can find some tips for the seller of real estate and everything that may need for a sale:

  • Prepare a set of documents
  • Determine the price
  • Find a smart broker

The first thing to do is to prepare a complete set of documents related to the real estate property.

The method of comparison is the easiest method to determine the approximate value of the property. Find similar offers on our website or on other websites of real estate, it will help you to get oriented. The price will be approximate: despite of their similarity, the properties are different, and it is influenced by many factors.

It is better to entrust the estimation of the exact cost of your property to the professionals. A preliminary assessment is free, moreover, it is a good reason for a personal acquaintance with the realtor, who later becomes your main partner, assistant and friend at all stages of the transaction.

Estate agency «Armuvara»

"Armuvara" is a progressive and steadily developing real estate agency, which, due to the modern technologies and the media, develops very quickly its production database and receives the latest information about the real estate market one among the first. We do all these things in order to satisfy the needs of OUR clients.

Our experts will help you to get oriented on the real estate market of Estonia and understand all the existing nuances.

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