Do I need a broker in the transaction?


Today, the availability of information in the advertising open sources and the rising competence of real estate buyers and sellers make you wonder if the broker’s services are necessary in purchase and sale transactions.

The answer is simple: if the customer has doubts, if he is lost in conjectures and has many questions, there is no doubt this process should be entrusted to professionals.

If you do not have special knowledge and understanding of the sales process, it is risky and unwise to start this procedure without assistance. The good real estate agencies carry out a free initial consultation, during which the experts in the field of real estate will answer all your questions and will make clear even the most subtle nuances.

The average person, which does not pertain to the real estate market, faces the process of real estate sale and purchase 4-10 times in his/her life only, while a successful specialist in this field carries out 50 to 150 transactions per year. Having such a bundle of knowledge and experience, he will be able to achieve the desired result without complications, in a more profitable and fast manner.

We advise to entrust the sale process to a smart broker having an extensive experience, which will be able to sell a particular property faster, better and cheaper.

An experienced broker will think about a clever presentation of your property in specialized media and on real estate portals. He will answer the calls of numerous clients and will clearly define, who of them you can deal with. He organizes apartment showings, even if you can not attend them in person. The most important thing is that the broker, conducting trade negotiations, will save you from errors and speed up the sales process.

Always remember that when you contact a professional real estate agency, you will pay only for the result.

Estate agency «Armuvara»

"Armuvara" is a progressive and steadily developing real estate agency, which, due to the modern technologies and the media, develops very quickly its production database and receives the latest information about the real estate market one among the first. We do all these things in order to satisfy the needs of OUR clients.

Our experts will help you to get oriented on the real estate market of Estonia and understand all the existing nuances.

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