For the lessor

The company Armuvara will find the RIGHT lessees for your property in the shortest possible time, with the maximum benefit for you.

We offer a range of comprehensive services for the rental or leasing of real estate in order to provide the Lessor with the permanent and guaranteed cash flow without problem and trouble-free.

When renting out properties, our main objective and goal is the selection of respectable and financially reliable Lessees for long-term relationships.

The range of our services includes:

  • cost estimating, cost increase;
  • advertising & marketing plans and their implementation;
  • search and selection of lessees following the criteria of the owner;
  • drafting of legally valid contracts, that match the owner’s conditions as much as possible;
  • drafting of acts of delivery and receipt of real estate;
  • legal support of the agreement, representation and protection of the property owner’s interests.

Do you want to rent your property efficiently and without problems for obtaining a marginal profit and using the minimum time and resources? Come to the consultation to the real estate agency “ARMUVARA“, contact our experts or make a request HERE!

With our help, your real estate will work with 100% efficiency!

Estate agency «Armuvara»

"Armuvara" is a progressive and steadily developing real estate agency, which, due to the modern technologies and the media, develops very quickly its production database and receives the latest information about the real estate market one among the first. We do all these things in order to satisfy the needs of OUR clients.

Our experts will help you to get oriented on the real estate market of Estonia and understand all the existing nuances.

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