For the seller

We will help you to sell or to exchange the property in the shortest time possible and with the maximum benefit for you. Entrusting us with the sale of property, you will receive a full range of services, and in such a manner, you will greatly save your time and profitably sell your property. Make an online request or call 56344989 and you will be able to get a totally free preliminary assessment of your property, as well as consultations on any issues that arise.

The process of selling real estate

  1. Call 56344989 or send your request HERE.
  2. Our representative will provide you with detailed information related to all your questions, will tell you about our company, and will analyze with you all the terms of the apartment sale contract.
  3. We do market analysis and plan the sale strategy. We make an attractive advertising and place it in specialized periodicals and real estate portals. We show it to potential buyers and negotiate with them.
  4. Once a buyer is found, he makes an advance payment. The advanced payment confirms the seriousness of the buyer’s intentions. We resolve all the legal and technical problems with the buyer and assign a transaction date convenient for both parties.
  5. When effecting a deal, we represent and protect your interests.
  6. We congratulate you on the good sale, and we will always be happy to help you again!

Estate agency «Armuvara»

"Armuvara" is a progressive and steadily developing real estate agency, which, due to the modern technologies and the media, develops very quickly its production database and receives the latest information about the real estate market one among the first. We do all these things in order to satisfy the needs of OUR clients.

Our experts will help you to get oriented on the real estate market of Estonia and understand all the existing nuances.

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