Trust management


At the present day, many residents of Estonia leave our country for passing the winter in warm countries; many people live in other countries on a permanent basis, for different reasons.

In this regard, there is an increasing demand for a service, which is new for Estonian market: the service of trust real estate management.

What does the trust real estate management mean?

Under the contract of trust real estate management, one party (the landowner) entrust his property to another party (the manager) for a certain period of time, and the other party manages this property for the benefit of the owner. Such a transfer of property does not involve the transfer of the ownership to the manager.

Managing the property in trust, the manager has the right to commit, according to the contract, juridical and physical acts on behalf of the property owner; it is very popular to rent out the property for the benefit of the owner.

The contract of trust real estate management is concluded in a manner that is transparent and understandable for the property owner. The real estate office “Armuvara” can take care of all problems and risks associated with the management and the generation of income from the rental of real estate:

  • cost estimation, cost increase;
  • advertising & marketing plans and their implementation;
  • search and selection of lessees following the criteria of the owner;
  • drafting and signing of the contract, which is the most appropriate for the owner’s conditions;
  • delivery and receipt of real estate;
  • control of timely payments in full;
  • transfer of monetary funds to the owner of the apartment;
  • regular reports;
  • regular inspection of the real estate for the purpose of monitoring the observance of the terms of the rental agreement;
  • legal support of the agreement, representation and protection of the property owner’s interests.

The cost of the trust real estate management services in the company “Armuvara” ranges from 10 to 15 % of the rental payment for the real estate and depends on the volume of the provided services.

Do you want to entrust us your property for obtaining a marginal profit and spending the minimum of your resources? Come to the consultation to the real estate office “ARMUVARA” – with our help, your real estate will work with 100% efficiency!

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